The Tree

The Tree

I found a tree friend on Bornholm. A beech tree with one big trunk out of which grow two smaller trunks. Standing beside a small road in a forest with otherwise mostly needle trees. It caught my attention when I was walking past, it seemed powerful and I was attracted to it. I asked if I could come closer and yes I could. Then I followed an impulse which has been coming often recently when I am intending to explore a connection to a stone or old graves or trees. I walked around the tree in clockwise direction three times. It feels like a sign of respect and just feels right, in those moments I cannot act in any other way. Then I explored from which side of the tree I wanted to get even more close and touch the tree. After some sensing I found a really nice place where I could lean into the tree with my whole body. It felt wonderful as if time was standing still. Then at some point the question formed in my head: What can I do for you? And the answer was ‘Just be with me’. Most of nature I have connected to recently seems to be waiting for us to get into contact. Nature is there for us, waiting for healing. Any healing that we might need seems to be deeply connected to the healing of Mother Earth. She can only be healed if we agree to be healed and give her all these unexpressed emotions or whatever we have kept inside for too long.

I returned to the tree twice, before leaving Bornholm. In some ways it felt like meeting with a lover, and each time I brought a present for my tree. When we met for the last time I could feel a circle of energy that was flowing through me and the tree, it felt like in the flow of the circle my heart was being washed and what was washed out flowed into the Earth to nurture it. It was a beautiful experience, my heart was happily throbbing for a few more hours.

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