Being Seen

Last week I had an experience which brought me to an interesting realization: It was through facebook, when it kindly reminded me of G’s Birthday. I met G. at a conference on Intercultural Training about 12 years ago. He has been an expert in that field for many years and when, last week, I thought about our encounter at the conference, I realized that back then he had seen something in me that I am only waking up to now. A competence in me, that he could see back then, and I only come to believe in now after taking off layer after layer of insecurities. It really hit me and it felt like what he saw was activated through his seeing it in me. If this is what happens, there could be qualities in us that are never seen by anybody and we can never bring them to life or make them part of us. Or we spend our time in mostly positive environments and with people who are present with us. That would give us the biggest chance to activate all that is in us, assuming that this is what we want. I could feel gratefulness for G’s gift in seeing people and told him so in my birthday message.

Also nature wants to be seen in its beauty and specialness. This is what I learned in recent encounters with nature. Just noticing a place or tree is good, seeing beauty in a place or plant seems to energise the place, then more beauty can emerge, stronger and more nurturing places are created as experiments such as in the Findhorn Garden have shown already many years ago. I believe that we can co-create with nature in many more ways that are to be explored.

Also seeing the beauty in a tree or a flower can be the doorway to a connection. I remember my time on the island of Erraid last September, when I was ‘trying’ to connect to the spirit of the island. I might have been trying from a contracted place, wanting something and nothing happened. When I asked what was missing and I prayed for an answer, I understood that first the beauty of what I want to connect to needs to fill my heart, then a contact is possible.

In this context a friend recently used the word ‘worship’, it is a strong word and possibly has a strong effect when embodied. I intend to experiment with this. Lots of exploring and experimenting to do on the next island I will be visiting: Lanzarote.



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