Amrum – Chakra Points

When I was on the island Samso in Denmark this summer my tent neighbour told me about the theory that islands have chakra points, just like humans have. I explored those areas on Samso, that are said to be connected to the chakra system and enjoyed the discoveries.

Just in case you want to remind yourself where the chakra points are in our body and what they stand for, here is a cute video that actually goes a little deeper and explains how to open our chakra points.


Yesterday I dedicated the morning to feeling into the chakra points of Amrum.

My base is in Wittdün, in the South of the island. This would correspond to the root chakra. Wittdün is the biggest village on the island, here the ferries arrive, that bring visitors and lots of tourists every summer. There are numerous shops, small hotels and the typical holiday apartments. It would be the grounding place of the island.

The area, where the camping site is, seems to be the sacral chakra point. The sacral chakra point is about pleasure. What a perfect place for a camping site. I spent a week there in August and experienced it as an alive, creative, joyful place.

The solar plexus chakra area would be near Süddorf, which used to be the Southern most village until the end of the 19th century. Interestingly this is where the school and library are and also the lighthouse which is one of the main landmarks and trademarks of the island. The solar plexus chakra stands for wisdom, power and inner growth. How fitting to have the school and lighthouse here. I climbed the lighthouse today; the power aspect can be felt when looking out over the whole island and much further and the light is shining far to help seamen to know their position and warn them of shallow waters. Definitely a clear ‘Here I am. This is me.’ message. This seems to be so in tune with the assumed energetical layout of the island that I start wondering who and how it was decided to put the lighthouse here. I like to think that any person who is in tune with the land they live on would know where to set the lighthouse.

On to the next chakra, a little bit further North. I would say the little village Nebel is sitting right on the Heart Chakra. It is, I find, the cutest village on the island and I have found the nicest coffee places here. There are also a few restaurants (which I have not tried). Nebel developed around the church which was built here in the 13th century. On one of the guided tours I took during my month here, we were told that when the people of Amrum decided to build a church they could not decide where it should be. They then loaded a carriage with stones and put a mule in front of it and decided to built the church where the carriage would collapse. They did and then the village developed around it. Frisians are interesting people. I like them. Nebel (of course beside plenty of other nice places on the island) is the place where you go for community and if you are looking for warmth and food.

I am not so sure where to place the throat chakra. Between Nebel and the next village Norddorf there is a wide open space. When I cycled the 5 kilometers yesterday I was keenly aware of the openness and lots of birds, the only sounds seemed to be from the birds, some seagulls and crows. And then I felt inspired to sing. Maybe this is indeed the area of the throat chakra which is associated with communication and sound.

The village Norddorf could be sitting right on the third eye chakra. In the human body this chakra is associated with perception, clarity and intuition. It can be blocked by illusion. So interesting that the only cinema on the island (called Lichtblick, translated something like Vision of Light) is in Norddorf.

North of Norddorf there is only nature and a huge bird sanctuary. This is were the chrown chakra would have it’s place according to an assumed placing of the chakras from South to North. This is where pure cosmic energy comes in and as long as this chakra is open, the energy can flow through us / the island into the energy field of the Earth.

The lighthouse and views from the lighthouse:



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