On Sunday I decided to visit the sister island Föhr. I can see the island from my room window and I walked there through the tidal flat three weeks ago. This Sunday I did not walk, I took the ferry which brought me and bicycle there in an hour.

My main motivation for my day trip to the other island was a visit of the local museum ‘Museum Kunst der Westküste’, fairly new, opened in 2009, which is specializing in art around Sea and Coast from Holland up to Norway. I liked the atmosphere, I particularly liked some of the exhibits in ‘Pure Nature Art’, one artist created a ceiling full of dandelions and another artist created insects from pieces of nature.



There was also really nice soup in the museum’s restaurant.

The other plan for the day was to revisit places that I remember from other times on Föhr. Actually while spending time here in the North I have come to realize how much connects me to Amrum and Föhr. When I was a child, my parents took me and my brother to Amrum and later to Föhr for our summer holiday as the salty fresh air was good for my brother who suffered from chronique bronchitis. Good for all of us I think, I remember those as nice times, hours spent at the beach each day, building sand castles and fishing crabs and in the evening playing cards or shelling prawns that we had bought fresh from the fishermen. Then when I was a teen, I spent a few weeks in a kind of youth hostel with a supervised group of the sports club I was part of, one summer on Amrum, the other on Föhr. Beautiful playful times. Later in my twenties I used to come to Föhr for 8 years in a row to play a concert as part of a little orchestra in the church in the main town on Föhr. We were all part of the student orchestra in Kiel, my home town, and 12 to 15 of us (maybe 4 violinists, 2 viola players, 1 or 2 cellists, horn players, a flute, a clarinet, oboe and some more, all you need to play a Mozart Symphony or part of a Cello Concerto) would come to the island for 3 or 4 days over the long Pentecost weekend to first rehearse the program and then present it in an evening concert. Those were really good times, intense music making, company, fun and excitement around the concert. And I remembered the church as a very cute comfortable place. I have this thing about churches and particularly music in churches that has always touched me. I don’t go to church so often these days and if I go, I go for the music as in the music, I find, the mystical part of life can be most easily felt.

I arrived at the church in Wyk auf Föhr when the Sunday morning service was just ending, I enjoyed listening to the organist playing from the outside. And then I watched the people coming out, many people and each one shook hands with the pastor. There was a sense of community that I liked.

It took a while until I could enter the church and there were still people in it, a very active community it seems. And why would you not want to come here on Sunday mornings, it is a friendly and warm place.


I took some time to walk around and think back to the years when we made music here. It felt good to remember and gratefulness rushed through me for those happy moments back then. I sat in a bench for a while enjoying the gratefulness.

When I came out of the church, it had started to rain, but I continued with my recollection of past visits and cycled to the Youth Hostel I had once stayed in and to the area we used to stay with my parents. The area around the Youth Hostel looked different, a lot of new houses, but the soccer field across the road was still there. Good. When I left the island in the evening I asked the spirit of the island to conclude my ways on the island in peace. Reverence is shaping my life more. Good.





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