More about Meeting the Elements

Yesterday I went out for a longish walk again, this time on the side of the island that faces the mainland, I walked along a path with a good view of that side of the sea, nursing my little waterhole shock from the day before and hiding from the very strong winds that were blowing on the other side of the island.

I feel electrified, or maybe filled with life from my meeting with the wind the day before, by my current project to explore connection with the elements. Yesterday I chose to start with the wind and noticed that the wind, in my case at least, wanted to be faced directly, I put my face to the wind and tried to pick up the wave of the wind and made a tone in that wave frequency (something like that). And again similar to the day before I had a few moments in which I felt in tune with the wind, through my clothes I could feel how the wind was caressing me, a very soft and fine touch to it, beautiful. It is a moment of intimacy and it reminded me of my experience with the rocks in Muxia in Spain after fininshing the Camino. There I also felt intimacy with the rock, first it felt hard and rocky and after I entered a deeper connection with it, the rock felt very soft. Moments of happiness.

Then I started to wonder together with the island spirit, how I could best connect to the element Earth, would that also be through sound? It might be possible, however the spirit suggested that the best way to connect to the element Earth is through gardening, actually engaging in transforming Earth and seed into a plant or flower. I will take up garderning at the next possibility. On my walk I thought that this must wait, but now I noticed that I can start with some indoor plants.

The best way to connect to water would be by drinking water. How simple and powerful. I instantly understood why it is often said that drinking simple water is better for the body than drinking tea or juice, etc. Just water would have the most direct healing property for us, otherwise the body has to do all the decoding of extra information (e.g. the green tea info) first.

Not that I am an expert on these things, I am just sharing my findings, which seem to be simple and straightforward. And maybe I read something like this somewhere before, but now I have a much deeper understanding of it. Also the associations of organs to elements make more sense to me now. If I had a problem with my lung or my colon I would go out and connect to the wind a few times a day. If I had a problem with my bladder or kidney I would drink a lot of pure water. Possibly there are other more complex things behind the associations, that is fine too.

So how would you think one connects to fire? By sitting at the fire, simple again. Or if you don’t have a fireplace nearby you can light a candle and look into the flame with a soft gaze. I just did that and I am fairly sure my heart softened. I am touched by my findings and wondering why people don’t use this knowledge for their lives. I will from now on.

An idea to connect to all elements at the same time in a small ritual came to me: I had the vision of a spoonful of water with a little bit of sand, heated over a candle and then the wind from a soft blowing of the breath. This can be served on a metal spoon or a wooden spoon, depending on which medicinal system of five elements one is operating on. Some are using metal, others wood as a fifth element.

With this I instantly felt more open to the Five Elements Theory of Cooking. Without knowing exactly what I am doing, I started to add pepper and a little bit of lemon juice to my morning muesli and it feels more nourishing. Exploring and experimenting while following my intuition seems the way to go for me.

The island spirit pointed to the difference between the Earth as an element and the Earth as Mother Earth. And I was wondering about the heaven, my feeling was that the heaven (ie. consciousness) cannot exist without Mother Earth. My sense is that this is one reason why we humans are here, to connect Heaven and Earth, help to bring consciousness to matter in us.

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