Back on Amrum

Hello from Amrum!

Back on an island for the whole month of November. When I spent a week here in August I decided to come back for a time of digestion and writing and sorting through my experiences and notes from my first year of travelling. And being here now feels perfect, just what I need. A cosy warm room with a view of the sea, beach walks as often as I want, my computer to connect to people of ‘my tribe’, the possibility to connect to the spirit of the island, meet real people, have visitors and much more. The weather has been sunny and mild so far, I enjoyed long beach walks, ate ‘Fischbrötchen’, checked out the local grocery shops to stock some basic foods for home cooking and bought wool to knit a scarf for colder days. I also already started to go through my notes and feel like things are flowing nicely.

My intention is to write blogposts more often while I am here and to be more experiential in writing, maybe one day I’ll try a poem or something similar, we’ll see.

I’m still chewing on some criticism I received on my writing recently. Good. Let it keep coming. I am ready. And I use it to refine my style. Similarly I received some criticism on being me recently. Also good. I get shaky and don’t know how to react yet when it happens, however I can see how it helps me to refine being me. I am intending to move into the adult version of me who does not expect everybody to be nice, including myself.

My walking practice brought me to a point where I want to be in accordance with the Earth more. I notice the changes of the seasons in more detail than I used to.  Spending so much time outside and particularly camping and sleeping on the ground has opened me to more of what is happening in nature. I naturally want to celebrate or join ceremonies for important dates such as the summer or winter solstice or full and new moon. Last night I had my own little ceremony to celebrate the full moon. I lit a candle and filled two cups with water from the sea, I put everything on the sand and placed a few special stones (one that I collected on Iona and another that was given to me by a friend and I have been travelling with it for a few months) near the candle and cups. Then, on one piece of paper I wrote three things that I am thankful for and on the other piece of paper I wrote three things or habits I want to let go off. I connected with the full moon and felt the water of the sea and tuned in to the water inside of myself (more than 60% of us are water). The paper with the things I want to let go, was burnt and the remaining ashes went into one of the cups, then I prayed with and blessed the water in the other cup. I returned the water from both cups into the sea where I had taken it from. Beautiful, the ceremony felt very good and I slept well and had a peaceful night. There is something around the honouring of the rythms of the Earth and marking them consciously. I like it, it makes me happy.

In a short conversation with the spirit of the island today, while out on the beach ‘he’ suggested to practice more often to bring the water in my body in tune with the water of the sea. And similarly go into contact with the Sun and the Earth and the Wind. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I am curious. The contact with the spirit of Amrum is as straightforward as it was back in August: I ask if ‘he’ is available for a conversation and after receiving a yes, which I feel as joy coming from my heart, I ask a question in my mind and receive an answer in my mind. I love this.
View from my room:





One thought on “Back on Amrum

  1. Thank you Anja, for sharing about your second arrival on Amrun. I can taste the Fischbroetchen (: I/we did the same ritual of release in my women’s group today, the burning of what I am ready to let go of and welcoming in the new whilst being in the energy of the power-full moon. I too like to honour the rhythms of the year – the sea with its ebb and flow is a good and daily reminder. Many Blessings on your time on Amrun. Christine xx


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