From Findhorn

I am in Findhorn (situated in the North of Scotland, not far from Inverness), or more precisely the Findhorn Foundation, one of the oldest intentional communities. I am here for a week long workshop which will start on Saturday. It is a workshop with one of my teachers Stephen Busby on Embodying Higher Consciousness.

I know most of the people who will be participating as I have followed this work quite intensely for the last two or three years. And I have already met some people who will participate in the workshop too and enjoyed walks at the beach.

Last year I came to Findhorn for the first time and spent 10 days here. I was fascinated by the story of the beginnings of the Community which developed around a group of three people, who beside other practices meditated regularly and received messages from God or a Higher Force, whatever you want to call it, and followed what they heard. They went through some tough and dire times but kept going and then later created this beautiful place where lots of good ideas are born and are spread from here to other places. One key aspect for me is the communication and cooperation with the invisible world. The three founders experimented with communication with the devas of the plants and flowers in their garden and in cooperation with them managed to transform the first fairly poor soil into a rich soil and received amazing crops. That is when people started coming here and many stayed.

The other aspect that is touching me, is a daily meditation in the sanctuary, the centrally situated meditation space. I participated daily in the morning meditation last year. Since the creation of this place a group of people meditates for an hour every morning, the function of this meditation being to be a vessel to receive Christ Consciousness to let it flow into the Community and all it’s actions and further out into the country and world. The sanctuary during morning meditation is one of the most peaceful places I have sat in, I had some of my deepest meditation experiences here and got a taste of receiving light and then letting it flow through me. When I decided to come here, the meditations called me most.

And then of course there are all sorts of interesting people here and a lovely little village and a long beautiful beach to walk along.

Also my new writing coach happens to be here at the moment. She had come up in my mind a few times when I was wondering how I could best improve my writing, my own experience while writing and possibly the reading experience too. So far it feels super helpful. The first session was mostly about daring to find my own voice, allowing myself to write about what interests me most as opposed to what I think people want to read. And noticing the fear in me, that some people look at me less favorably when I start to become more and more spiritual in my writing. But then my whole project is about a spiritual practice and what has happened in the last few months is connecting and opening me more and more to the spiritual or subtle world = heaven. So more writing will be about that and my practice to connect the subtle to the material world = earth.

Today during our session I realized that I often stay at a very superficial level in my writing which partly mirrors my sometimes superficial experiences. However, the post about Iona in particular does not at all mirror the deep and often magical experiences I had while being there.

My practice in the next weeks and possibly months will be to allow myself to feel each moment as deeply as I want and to find expression for it. I will also rewrite the posts about Erraid and Iona to bring this new level of expression into practice.

The workshop next week will also be a good place to practice exactly this, I am just noticing how thankful I am that I am here and can be here and the luxury to have all this time and coming to beautiful places and starting Saturday to connect to a group of people who are here for very similar reasons.

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