One week on a tiny island off Mull in Scotland. I joined a small community on Erraid, which is part of the Findhorn  Foundation . The community, 8-15 people looks after the island and receives guests. 

I had chosen to come here to experience a small community and be with people for a while before exploring some more solitary travelling again. A very wholesome experience. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday guests were invited to participate in so called Love in Action, which could be weeding, cooking, making fire wood, etc. Monday was special because the whole community and guests were invited to help with a sheep round up for the local farmer. In two round about 120 sheep were brought together. Fun and a good way to see all of the island, cross country over hills and through bogs in welly boots that I could borrow. There was also meditation and singing and lovely community meals. On one of my free days I went up to the highest part of the island and tried to connect to the spirit of Erraid as after my experience on Amrum, I was curious if such a connection is possible in all places. While my connection to the Amrum spirit had felt easy and natural and I was full of questions, here I did not know how to start. I started with some mantra recitation to free anything that might be between me and the spirit. Slowly I could see more of the beauty of the island and I could sense how I felt more open to connect. Definitely no connecting from a closed or neutral heart space. And what I sensed was a certain raw beauty of the spirit. As if the island is about the beauty of our most raw aspects. Possibly by being so raw in it’s beauty allowing people who come to the island to find the next level of rawness inside themselves. 

At least this is what happened to me after this experience. For a day I felt a bit tired and less willing to do physically taxing work, then during the last morning meeting where all community members and guests meet to briefly check in and then say what they will be doing during the day, I had tears rolling down my face from being deeply touched. 

I think what touched me was the feeling of love when we all stood in the circle holding hands. Such a diverse group of people, and the love flowing was tangible. I understood that only diverse groups can flourish, we need variety! What a beautiful aspect of community when this is possible. And then healing is possible, in my case it felt like in the circle my body was reminded of something it very rarely or never experienced, or I was never able to experience so deeply.

So possibly each place has their own access to healing. Amrum was about balance, Erraid about rawness and Iona where I am now seems to be about love and tenderness. I am excited about connecting in this way.

More about Iona in my next post.

One thought on “Erraid

  1. thank you Anja for your words about your time on Erraid. I felt connected to the place again, after having been there many years ago. Yes, rawness so much resonates, at times I interpreted it as harshness for myself and ended up longing for the tenderness of Iona. both islands with their beauty and diversity, so close to each other…


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