I just arrived in my hostel for this night in Glasgow, the flight and connections went all very smoothly, friendly people telling me where to go. Already bought my bus ticket to Oban for tomorrow morning. After bus, ferry, bus and another ferry, I should arrive on the island Erraid tomorrow afternoon. I will be a guest in a small community on the island for one week. 

However, before I start this new journey in another country, I wanted to write about my time on Amrum, an island off the coast of Northern Germany, where I spent a whole week at the end of August. 

After my trip along the river which I finished with a visit at my cousin’s place, I took the train and then cycled to a little harbour with ships leaving for the islands off the coast. I had not booked, thinking that there would always be a place for me and my bicycle. But no, I had to wait 24 hours to get a place on a ferry! Fortunately there was a campsite not far from the ferry landing. Interesting to feel the strong longing to be on the island. 

Then finally, the next day I had a beautiful ferry trip and settled on a nice place at the campsite, camping directly in the dunes, comfortable sleeping and sitting in front of the tent.

Amrum has a 10 km square sandbank at it’s west side, one can walk for miles over the sand or take a bath where it meets the water. I had been on Amrum before, as a child and also later and always loved it.

And again, as before on the island of Samso in Denmark I could feel how an island is having a relaxing effect on me. To feel the limits of the land, surrounded by water, allows me to settle inside of me and stretch my spirit. 

I love to walk on the sandbank, it is so big, that only rarely one meets other people, a wind is blowing and one can see far into the distance. I spent most of my time there. 

And on one of the days I had the impulse to talk to the spirit of the island. It felt like a very clear conversation. I could ask questions and received instant answers, I heard it in my head. I was blown away by the experience. 

As one example, I asked about the function of the island and if different islands have different functions in the bigger web of things and learnt that each island has it’s own function and all it does is that it expresses itself. Just like what people should do to be themselves. Amrum specifically is a lot about balance between the sea and the land. I also had the impression that an island and it’s people are naturally more exposed to the strong expression of other elements of the nature, such as the sea and the wind and the sun, that it needs to find it’s own expression to live on. This aspect also seems to lead to a more healthy environment. Not sure what healthy means in this context, in the case of Amrum the fact that big areas are saved for nature and animals only, the number of tourists is kept at a level, etc. And it has a regenerating effect on the people who come to spend time there. 

The conversations with the spirit of the island seemed mostly to be about balance. And interestingly, I seem to be a little out of balance at the moment. The theme was well chosen. The constant travelling and being in different places and my tendency to balance the feeling to be out of my comfort zone with coffee and cake, my body moved into an acidic state. I had some symptoms which are now already receding, but I will have to take more care of myself. 

For the next few months of travelling I decided to stay longer at one place and maybe also change other aspects which I don’t know yet. I trust that I will be shown if I ask.

Back to the spirit of the island, I started to write down the conversations and I decided to come back to Amrum for a whole month in November to discover more about the island and to continue the conversations. 

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