Samso has been wonderful! I stayed for nine days, left this morning with the ferry. And am now on my way back to Berlin, still cycling, staying at other nice places on the way. 

The workshop was such a revelation for me. We danced through old patterns, witnessed each other in this, we opened our feminine bodies and organs with breathing exercises. Now I can connect to the Earth in a much deeper way. Clearly being connected to my body and organs offers new ways to connect. 

As I have experienced before. It starts inside, if parts of my body are contracted or uninhabited by me, I cannot see and understand certain things in the outer world. The more I discover myself inside, the more I see, also in other people.

During the workshop I discovered that my habit is to overstretch my body, and thenis could lead to overstretching in the outer world too. If I connect consciously to the ground in the morning and start from there, I don’t need the overstretch anymore. 

With the tiredness I had been feeling after the camino, I believe that it has to do with a tiredness that has been held for a long time in my family, more specifically my mother, her mother, and maybe further back. It shows up in me to finally be seen and felt. The seeing and feeling could happen when we moved and witnessed each other in the old family patterns. The witnessing is a big part in this. 

It is so interesting that with the tiredness still stuck, it was not even possible to rest deeply, I assume my mother and grandmother were never able to really fully rest in themselves. Now we all can.

So, thanks to my inability to make plans before I left, I had a whole week to explore and practice on this beautiful island. I became friends with my tent neighbour, a woman from Denmark who is basically on the same path as I am. We spent one day walking together. And last night when we marveled about all the similarities in our lives she brought in that in another life we were probably twins. 

There were a few things to do on the island, so I indulged in some activities. And I also made room for just sitting at the beach, playing with spirals, trying to understand how they work. And I spent a few hours near a well, which is situated very close to the sea. Here I had my first encounter with fairies which was very touching. And then there was an intriguing rock I spent some time with. Those are the special times I want to integrate more of these very calm, soft encounters in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Samso

  1. Dear Anja,
    I love the messages from your journey and often feel blessed that you share your deep experience with us.
    And as so often there is an Informationen were something in me responds more or less intense. Thank you so mutch.
    Love Sabine


  2. Dear Anja,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It helps me as sometimes I touch a place of tiredness I have not understood. I would like to learn more. Like so many of these things, it feels vast when I touch it.

    I love hearing about the fairies. That delights me…and the connection with your organs…

    I am in Denver with my uncle and fly to Germany Monday–.

    Love to you,


    Sent from my iPhone



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