Santiago de Compostela and Beyond

Holy mackarel! The Camino is the most intense experience I have had in my life. 

A few days ago I was offered to be a hospitalera (volunteer) in one of the albergues I stayed in. The offer apparently triggered some old longings in me. I went off track internally for a few days, although continuing the camino. Since I met reality again, I have been crying, more or less non stop, two days, stopping for photos and conversations. Learned a lot about myself, a bit painful. 

But again, when I was starting to loose heart, some camino friend would be around the corner. I was super glad to walk the last 10 km into Santiago with Paul from Australia. And when I sat down for an early dinner in Santiago, Ann and Fiona, who I had not seen for nearly two weeks turned up and joined me. 

My wooden staff has been and is still my very good companion. 

I had three rainy days in my 37 days on the Camino, one which got me completely soaked, but then the owner of the hostel had a shoe dryer facility and the sun came out in the evening and everything was dry again the next morning. The forcast for the next four days is excellent. 

Santiago de Compostela has not touched me so much, maybe because I was not open for more emotion. It seemed like a big show. Although the spectacle of the swinging of the botafumetorio in the Santiago Cathedral was breathtaking. And the voice of the nun singing, beautiful. I sang and cried …

I am glad to be out of the city again and on my way to Finisterre. Stopping in one of the smaller albergues which I have mostly chosen recently. We had dinner on a terrace with a view of a sunny green valley. Although I think I have to walk out of this valley tomorrow morning …

Arriving in Santiago

Reunion with Ann and Fiona from Australia in Santiago

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