Portomarin – some pre Santiago camino reflections

Last night I spent in one of the best albergues on the way. It is possible to find the perfect kind of pilgrim comfort I need. Good shower facilities, sun for drying clothes, garden to rest, vegetarian evening meal served in house, night with open window, breakfast with tea and müsli. 

I felt so well cared for that I left this morning in total confidence that there will always be enough for me. 

After Sarria a bit of a pilgrim culture shock. I had seen very few pilgrims on the trails the last few days as I chose small villages to rest, not the typical stopping towns. From Sarria it is around 100km to Santiago and a lot of people start walking here to collect stamos on the way and receive the Credential in Santiago. Many noisy groups with small backpacks, they don’t even know yet how to behave on the way 😉 and crowds everywhere in the cafes.

Lots of thoughts came up this morning what the camino is for me. And lots of dreams recently. I sat down in a cafe, waited for the crowds to pass and wrote some of them down. 

I’ll try a summary. As the Camino de Santiago has been walked by so many people with strong wishes or calling through hundreds of years it is loaded with energy that helps those who walk it now to align with their life purpose or soul or higher self, however you want to call it. It naturally brings one closer to or in the body because of the challenge of walking 25km or more every day carrying all you think you need for the time on the camino. And then there are the other pilgrims who can be delightful companions or triggering in the bunkbeded sleeping rooms. Soul, mind and body all challenged at once in different or similar ways. 

The closer I get to Santiago I feel the calling for alignment nearly physically like a stretching forward with a clear anchor in the beginning of the way.

I get to know myself better every day. I seem to digest 25km well, should not have more than one coffee, up to three fresh pressed orange juices, a good meal in the evening. I like to connect to people over dinner and spend the rest of the time by myself and of course sleep in a well aired room with friendly fellow pilgrims. 

Self care has manifested a six-bed room with only me in it for tonight! And a big window. And breakfast at 6am.

Back to the inner stuff. With my walking practice I think I am adding an extra dimension to this particular walk. While the camino stretches me towards my purpose, my practice of feeling the heaven under my feet is connecting heaven and earth or as it seems to me also the masculine with the feminine. Those two aspects in me seem to be in more harmony recently. And it becomes more of a focus for me to connect masculine and feminine in a more loving way. 

I could feel the cross in myself this morning. One part the camino, the other my walking practice, meeting in my heart. And then it seemed to me that it really is about love, the whole life. And although I use the image of the cross this seems to be beyond any religion. 

And more could be said that I can’t find words for yet.

Early morning walk to Samos

Pilgrim’s tools

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