On the Way to Leon

Back in my bed in another room with lots of bunk beds. But some are empty, nobody sleeping above me. I had a really nice dinner with a couple from Vancouver. The Canadian people keep asking me where I got my Arc’terix gear. I bought it in Berlin. It is made in Canada and I can only agree it is the best. 

After carrying my old shoes for one and a half days just in case, I left them in Calzada del Coto today. 

Yeah. I moved from hard and slightly too small shoes to spacious, soft and comfortable shoes. 

I am enjoying the slower pace. I let all the fast people leave town and walk behind them, I stop in every town on the way and seem to be finding new friends. And then sometimes I do indeed meet people who I walked with 10 days or a week ago. Broad bandwidth of types and paces. This is astonishing me every day. If the Camino is a microcosm of life or/and the world it is bringing the similarities and the differences between people much more close and available.

This morning I had a big insight. I projected a feeling of not having taken a big chance onto somebody (who wanted to join me in Logrono and then did not). I seem to have been silently angry about him not coming for the past two weeks. This morning I asked myself which big chance was given to me in my life which I did not take. Something going back to when I had just turned 18 came up. Good reminder and lots to feel. 

And more about my staff. I love it. It is a constant reminder of the connection between heaven and earth to me and somehow it seems to do the connecting for me. Don’t know yet what that means for my practice. On one of my first days walking with the staff, I listened to somebody talking about his sick sister and had the feeling that with the help of the staff the holding container for feeling with him was bigger or softer or something like that. Beautiful!

2 thoughts on “On the Way to Leon

  1. Who is your staff that is with you – physically or on other levels? Sorry, I somehow didn’t get the beginning information … 🙂 Much love to your walk. Carolin Carolin Thywissen Zugspitzstrasse 14a 82041 Oberbiberg mob. +49 170 6323638 GERMANY



    1. Carolin, thank you for the question! It is a wooden walking stick. In German ‘Stab’. Yesterday I noticed how the same word can mean a group of people who support me. Well sometimes my walking stick feels like a support group 🙂 Sending love from the way


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