Carrion de los Condes

I’ll stop counting days. Stepping out of these numbered etappes. 

My body does not seem to like it. After a seemingly beautiful day and some fun over dinner with fellow German pilgrims I fell ill with diarrhea. I spent a night mostly in the bathroom. Luckily there was a chair. My bed was in a seven-bed room and I had to walk through a room with 12 people sleeping. I walked past a few times when I felt I could and needed to rest in my bed. Interesting practice and experience.

During the short rests, I had a dream in which one of my teachers suggested to me to take a break. I needed another day to follow the advice. Yesterday I walked 15km, as after 5km I felt better than I would have thought. But around km 12 my force was not with me anymore and I walked the probably slowest and exhausted 3km of my life. Checked into a nice hostel at midday and slept most of the afternoon and the whole night. 

This morning over breakfast when I noticed that I was still not fit again I met two lovely ladies, they offered me to pray for me and I sat down in front of them and they laid their hands on me and prayed. Beautiful, I relaxed instantly.  For one of them also slowing down came up as an issue. 

So today I walked only 5 km to the next village. In the cafe I met John who I had met two days ago and when checking in to the highly recommended hostel led by nuns I met two other pilgrims I had seen before. Not everybody speeds ahead. And now I seem to be ready to meet the other people. 

A mystical trail where you have many mirrors in the people you meet.

I also went to the hairdresser, my hair looks a bit different than I wanted it, due to my little Spanish. 

And I bought new shoes. That is not recommended but I kind of did not like my other new shoes from the beginning and could not find more love for them on the way. The right shoe was a bit too small after walking for a while and they were hard. The new shoes are soft. 

When talking to Rita from Finland briefly while writing this, she mentioned that one has to buy the bus ticket for tomorrow now as the bus is selling out. So I did and got two tickets for John and myself. Three tickets left the lady in the bar said. Good to talk to people and receive important information! 

So tomorrow will be another restday! 

And I hope to be able to prepare more of my rice tomorrow. Super alternative to the daily tortilla and bread. Need to look out for hostels with kitchen. I got tired of the pilgrim’s menu anyway, and my stomach too. 

There was a vesper with our three nuns and then we sang together. I am doing much better. Also just discussed with John under which circumstances I can take communion in a Catholic Church. 

Out of Catrojeriz – on the way to Fromista
On the way

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