On the way to Burgos

The night was a bit rough. 20 people in the room, many snoring. Nearly everybody got up at 6am. Me too. And as there was no breakfast offered and no possibility to boil water for my tea I started without breakfast before 7am. Also this is possible. Definitely out of my comfort zone … 

The cuckoo was calling in the early morning. 

Excellent breakfast in the next village about 4km on. Lovely atmosphere on the trail with the sun coming up. I might do this more often …

And then Burgos came into view. I stopped at a hostal 6km before the town. Intending to take the bus into Burgos tomorrow morning. And then walk on from there. 

The felt haste really gets to me. Often in the cafes on the way it feels like we are on a marathon run. Stop, get food, run. It is not so easy for me to find out how long I want to rest. I defintely need some alone time today and tomorrow. I treated myself to another hotel room. So far no other pilgrims here I think. I already had my three course meal and will not move much from my bed today.  

One thought on “On the way to Burgos

  1. That sounds very sensible. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I completely resonnate on all those levels 🙂

    love&light on your trip Carolin Carolin Thywissen Zugspitzstrasse 14a 82041 Oberbiberg mob. +49 170 6323638 GERMANY



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