12th day – St Juan de Ortega

Staying in another refugio and we just finished the pilgrims dinner. Before some of us went to pilgrim’s mass. There is something special about St Juan de Ortega, maybe I dream something about him tonight, I feel connected. He lived around 1100 and helped build streets and other infrastructure for the pilgrims back then. He dedicated his life to the pilgrims and we (60 of us) are staying in the old pilgrims quarters. Thick stone walls. I will be happy to have my warm sleeping bag tonight.

I had a bit of a challenge in the morning. I went past the bar in the last village before a 3 hour walk over a hill and only noticed when I had climbed up for 15 minutes. Lesson: never pass a bar where you can have coffee and food. I went back and met a few friends which was soothing. But then I let myself think I could walk as fast as F. from Australia. Not a good idea, I need to find my own rhythm again and follow it. Tomorrow we are getting into Burgos. Not so sure if I want to stay there for the night. 

Last night I stayed in a lovely little hotel in Villambistia, the local hostel was closed and sooner than I thought I found myself in a hotel room. Pure luxury with white towels and a nice firm bed. To be repeated sometime soon.

A Pilgrim Oasis on the way to St Juan de Ortega

Meeting friends at the Oasis

Looking back at Villambistia

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