Los Arcos, 6th day on the Camino

A beautiful and often magical day. My feet are doing much better and my body seems to get used to carrying the backpack. The path was mostly flat and through breathtaking countryside. I often dived into my walking practice. So happy I arrived at this state again. It feels like through the practice I connect to the web of life and then many things fall into place. 

Yesterday in the early afternoon I felt more tuned in than before. I decided to stop early and stopped in a place called ‘Casa Magica’. They offered an in-house pilgrim’s menu which was wonderful. 

Also friendly people I shared the table with. I did some translation for a french lady with everybody else being from Germany. In every conversation it becomes clear that every single pilgrim comes with their own personal goal for the Camino or are waiting to be shown what it is. 

There was a couple from Germany who are going the Camino together with their dog. They had to book every hostel long before as often dogs are not allowed. 

Others have already walked parts of the Camino and the French lady has to go back in between as her husband misses her too much otherwise. 

I had a fun meeting with one of my Korean friends today and we shared a ten minute break on a piece of wood along the way. When I arrived in Los Arcos, where I will be staying tonight I also met J. and C. from Holland who I had met in Roncesvalle. Also my Swiss friend is here I have heard. 

Will be sleeping in the most basic albergo so far tonight, very small rooms with bunkbeds. I was the 3rd last person to get a bed. Filling up fast. The town plaza looks lovely for the pilgrim’s menu. Will go there after posting this, writing with my feet up outside the albergo. 

Hope to add photos soon.

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