Puente la Reina, 4th day on the Camino

This is fun. On the Camino life is answering quickly. After I applied cream and oil to my feet and legs things improved quickly. I had a good long break resting on my bed and a very good evening meal. I shared my room with three funny people from Korea. Over breakfast I took the decision to leave my thermos behind and some of the extra müsli I had been carrying. The Koreans loved at the weight of my thermos. They only carry super lightweight stuff …. 

I decided to trust that there will always be enough food for me at all times. Yesterday I had showers of joy over this decision and my now very carryable backpack. My feet are also more happy. And I learned that any amount of pain is strong enough to make use of my creams and oils.

I asked life for a good travel companion for the next one or two or more days and she joined me yesterday in the form of a woman from Switzerland after I had waved good-bye to my Korean friends. We have had two beautiful days. 

Now we are having tea at one of these big albergos which can host 100 pilgrims. Pilgrims Menu will be ready for us at 7 pm. 

The little villages on the way are caring nicely for the pilgrims with little shops and friendly cafes for rests with coffee, freshly pressed orange juice, cake or tortilla. This is also where you keep meeting some of the people over and over again. One big moving family.

2 thoughts on “Puente la Reina, 4th day on the Camino

  1. What a good time for the camino! I used to live in the area, on the french side. Wish I could walk with you now 🙂
    Writing this I realize you walk for many of us, not only for yourself. Thank you!
    Light, ease and Joy on your way. Carolin


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