I am delighted that the blog seems to inspire interactions. I love your comments to my posts. Thank you and please keep them coming!

Also when I sold my racing bicycle in February Nana, the woman who bought the bike and I came up with the idea to have her create a piece of art in exchange for part of the price for the bike. She is a musician and when I listened to her music on youtube I thought it would be nice if she created a piece along the theme of connecting Heaven and Earth.

And she did. Here it is:

There is also a little story about the title photo that I am using. It was created during a short meditation workshop around the topic of connecting Heaven and Earth about a year ago, in Berkeley, CA, when I first started to play with the idea of my project. After a short meditation I sent the group outside into the street and discover situations, moments that for them represent the connection between Heaven and Earth. And Stig came back with this photo.

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