Back in Berlin

I am back in Berlin, landed here nearly a week ago. Good to be back and slowly getting used to the time zone and the winter weather.

My last few days in New Zealand I spent with my friend M. in the North of the North Island. We had some very good times, some more walking, one day we hitchhiked to the Bay of Islands and walked part of a coastal walk that I had already enjoyed in the beginning of my NZ journey. And we discovered some really nice walks on an old railway track near to her new home town.

It was very special to see and experience the still smoking volcanos and endless beaches with sometimes very few people on them and the beautiful trails through the bush.

Altogether a very beautiful trip. Thank you New Zealand! I just added photos to my recent posts!

My walking practice seems to allow me to connect to places ever more deeply and feel some of what is stored there. I was also more aware than on previous trips of the different atmospheres I experienced in hostels and campsites, the most welcoming and social I found in the National Park Village where I spent Christmas. In the future when travelling alone I would try to look out for small and privately run places.

During a weekend workshop I had the idea to bring my walking practice not only into the nature around Berlin but right into the city center. Yesterday I walked with a fellow collective fields researcher. We started at Alexanderplatz and walked along the river Spree. I introduced him to my practice and then we shared our feelings, two very interesting and rich hours. I am intending to invite friends for weekly walks as long as I am still in Berlin. So good to share the practice and walk together.

My next blog posts will most probably be about city walking in Berlin.

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